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Our family has gotten really into playing games lately. I decided that at this year’s Christmas party, we should have an epic Lip Sync Battle. There are a few people that I can count on to be enthusiastic participants and they came through for me. We had five contestants and three rounds. The competition was a huge hit with our friends and family. We’re considering making it an annual battle.

However, there was a major difference between our Lip Sync Battle and the television show – we had judges. There were three judges, age 15-50. You know what judges need, right? Dancing with the Stars-esque paddles. In a moment where I thought I was the crafty person I’ve always wanted to be, I had the brilliant idea that I would make the judging paddles. Honestly, I’m quite proud of them. If you’re interested in creating a set of your own, check out my instructions below. (Note: I got all of the paints at Michaels and spent maybe $12 using a coupon.)

DIY Judging Paddles

Supplies: Dollar Tree Paddles (the ones with the ball and string attached), Scotch Tape, Paintbrush, Folk Art Home Decor Chalkboard Paint in Black, Craft Smart Metallic Paint in Gold, Craft Smart Glitter Paint in Champagne


First, cut the string and remove the string and ball from the paddle. Since there’s a design on the front of the paddles, this is the side I painted with chalkboard paint. The instructions on the bottle say to let it dry for two hours after each coat. Because this was my first time using chalkboard paint, I adhered to that time frame. If you’ve used it before and know it takes less time, by all means, go with what works for you.

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Day 16: What Cee Wants

We’ve talked about what to get mom, ideas for a teenage boy, your creative friend and your hip friend. Now, I’ll share a few things on my wishlist this year.

  1. “The Lina” Personalized Stationery – As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I love stationery. This one happens to be absolutely adorable. The fact that I can get it personalized just makes it ten times better.
  2. Prada Candy perfume – I enjoy a sweet smelling perfume. This one is a new favorite of mine. And likely the only Prada item I’ll ever own.
  3. Because of Them We Can Backpack – This is something I wanted and actually received this year. My hip chick friend and I exchanged gifts last weekend (I did get her that record player) and I opened my bag to reveal this! I’m incredibly pleased and I cannot wait to go on a trip and take it with me.
  4. Crochet Set – I started crocheting. While I’m not good at it, I do like it. I find it relaxing. If I do happen to get better at it, that’ll just be icing on the cake.
  5. Just Dance 2016 – I don’t really know or care what it says about me, but I love this series. Sometimes if I’ve had a bad day, I come home, change my clothes and dance it out. It helps…except that time I practically threw my back out. We’re not going to talk about that.
  6. Kindle books (not pictured) – It sounds lame, I know. This isn’t the most fun gift to give, but it is great to receive. I love reading and since I’ve owned Kindles for the last four years, the number of actual print books I read has dwindled to maybe five per year. Toni always comes through with one of these for my birthday and for Christmas and I am excited about it every time.

25 Days of Christmas: Holiday Cards

Don’t judge my graphics! Be nice, goodwill to all (wo)men and all that. Clearly, design of any sort is not my strength, but I went for it anyway.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t really receive Christmas cards. I’ve had a few random ones here and there, but the last time I got a bunch was back in my school days when you brought them in for the whole class and attached those tasty mini candy canes to them. You know what I’m talking about, right? Oh, the days when life was easy.

We’re all grown up now – or at least, like me, pretending to be – and while we may not be handing out Power Ranger cards to our classmates, we can still send them out to friends and family. This is my third year sending them out (I send them to some friends, family members and the parents of my closest friends, as well) and I just dropped mine in the mail on Monday. I think it’s a great way to show people that you care and that you’re thinking about them. We’re early enough in the season that even if it takes your card a few days to get there, it can be enjoyed or displayed for a few weeks. The best part? We’ve graduated from Lisa Frank, Barbie and the aforementioned Power Rangers. In my low budget graphic above are a few of my favorites this year.

From left to right:

  1. Tuxedo Gal – Mae B Online, $20.00 (reg $25)
  2. Gold Foil Peace Love Joy – Paper Source, $14.21 (reg $18.95)
  3. Here Comes Santa – Veronica Marche, $13.50
  4. Snowman Merry Christmas – Papyrus, $12.95

Only problem now is that you’re going to need stamps…

Let me know if you send cards out during the holiday season and what some of your favorites are this year.



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