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Due to the departure of Peyton Manning from the Colts*, I found myself without a favorite team last season (2011). I figured I might as well be a fan of the home team until such a time that I was able to really connect with a club. Here it stands at the end of the 2012 season, and I’m still rooting for the home team.** With my cheering them on, the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl! And my city is lit up purple at night. It’s a beautiful thing to see, I tell ya. Even better is that a good friend of mine kept betting against them in the playoffs. He told me that Peyton Manning and his new team were gonna knock them out (the Ravens won in an exciting, albeit LONG, double overtime game). He texted me on the day before the AFC Championshiop game: “Tom Brady is going to speak at Ray’s retirement party tomorrow. How nice.” (The Ravens defense shut out the Patriots in the second half.) Surprisingly (or not), he hasn’t said anything about what will happen this coming Sunday in New Orleans. Imagine that…

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