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25 Days of Christmas: DIY Judging Paddles

Posted on: December 18, 2015


Our family has gotten really into playing games lately. I decided that at this year’s Christmas party, we should have an epic Lip Sync Battle. There are a few people that I can count on to be enthusiastic participants and they came through for me. We had five contestants and three rounds. The competition was a huge hit with our friends and family. We’re considering making it an annual battle.

However, there was a major difference between our Lip Sync Battle and the television show – we had judges. There were three judges, age 15-50. You know what judges need, right? Dancing with the Stars-esque paddles. In a moment where I thought I was the crafty person I’ve always wanted to be, I had the brilliant idea that I would make the judging paddles. Honestly, I’m quite proud of them. If you’re interested in creating a set of your own, check out my instructions below. (Note: I got all of the paints at Michaels and spent maybe $12 using a coupon.)

DIY Judging Paddles

Supplies: Dollar Tree Paddles (the ones with the ball and string attached), Scotch Tape, Paintbrush, Folk Art Home Decor Chalkboard Paint in Black, Craft Smart Metallic Paint in Gold, Craft Smart Glitter Paint in Champagne


First, cut the string and remove the string and ball from the paddle. Since there’s a design on the front of the paddles, this is the side I painted with chalkboard paint. The instructions on the bottle say to let it dry for two hours after each coat. Because this was my first time using chalkboard paint, I adhered to that time frame. If you’ve used it before and know it takes less time, by all means, go with what works for you.


I did two coats of chalkboard paint on one side of the paddles. After it was dry, I flipped it over to apply the gold metallic paint to the back. This paint takes less time to dry, so it wasn’t long before I applied the second coat.


Next, I applied the glitter paint to the top half of the back of the paddle. I only painted the top half because I didn’t want the judges’ hands to be covered in glitter from the handle. I used scotch tape to separate the top from the bottom. Again, I did two coats of paint. If this is your first time using glitter paint, don’t worry when it goes on white. The white will dry clear, leaving only the glitter behind.


For some reason, I decided I wanted to jazz up the front just a little more to differentiate the top from the handle. Using scotch tape, I taped off sections of the handle. I then painted between the tape to add gold stripes. There are clearly some errors, but I didn’t think it was too bad for my first time.


All done! Now grab your favorite chalk and start giving out scores.


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