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25 Days of Christmas: What Cee Wants

Posted on: December 16, 2015

Day 16: What Cee Wants

We’ve talked about what to get mom, ideas for a teenage boy, your creative friend and your hip friend. Now, I’ll share a few things on my wishlist this year.

  1. “The Lina” Personalized Stationery – As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I love stationery. This one happens to be absolutely adorable. The fact that I can get it personalized just makes it ten times better.
  2. Prada Candy perfume – I enjoy a sweet smelling perfume. This one is a new favorite of mine. And likely the only Prada item I’ll ever own.
  3. Because of Them We Can Backpack – This is something I wanted and actually received this year. My hip chick friend and I exchanged gifts last weekend (I did get her that record player) and I opened my bag to reveal this! I’m incredibly pleased and I cannot wait to go on a trip and take it with me.
  4. Crochet Set – I started crocheting. While I’m not good at it, I do like it. I find it relaxing. If I do happen to get better at it, that’ll just be icing on the cake.
  5. Just Dance 2016 – I don’t really know or care what it says about me, but I love this series. Sometimes if I’ve had a bad day, I come home, change my clothes and dance it out. It helps…except that time I practically threw my back out. We’re not going to talk about that.
  6. Kindle books (not pictured) – It sounds lame, I know. This isn’t the most fun gift to give, but it is great to receive. I love reading and since I’ve owned Kindles for the last four years, the number of actual print books I read has dwindled to maybe five per year. Toni always comes through with one of these for my birthday and for Christmas and I am excited about it every time.

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