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My love for Dancing with the Stars is no secret. This season, however, I ended up relating a lot to Bindi Irwin and I am incredibly excited that she won. That girl is the sweetest, most positive teenager I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I spent half the season trying to figure out how that was possible, and I’m wondering if it was because she was raised by koalas and kangaroos. (I joke, I kid, but Bindi and her family do live at the zoo.)

In celebration of her win, here are my three favorite dances from her and Derek:

1) Week 10: Jazz Trio – Obviously, Derek picked Mark to be their partner in the trio. The choreography here was fantastic; it was just so creative and danced perfectly. I felt like in this week, Bindi put all the other contestants to shame.

2) Week 6: Dirty Dancing/Rumba – Who doesn’t love the Dirty Dancing routine?? I was so excited that they were assigned this routine and loved the way it turned out.

3) Finals: Freestyle – And last, but most certainly not least, is their freestyle to Footprints in the Sand. This routine had everyone in tears. It was absolutely gorgeous, the perfect freestyle for Bindi.


Good morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to share the holiday with your friends and family. Our family got together at my sister’s house for the fifth year, and the food was BANGIN’.

I will be heading out shortly to go shopping for Black Friday with my sister. It’s a tradition of ours, and one that we both enjoy immensely. Before I do so, I wanted to give a heads up of what’s to come. I am challenging myself to get back in the spirit of blogging as I celebrate the holidays. I’m calling it the 25 Days of Christmas (you know, like the holiday movies I love that come on ABC Family). Each day, my plan is to share a holiday-related post. I won’t lie to you and promise that I’ll make it. I certainly hope I do. However, the idea of coming up with 25 topics is a bit daunting. Feel free to shoot any ideas my way.

I’d also like to remind you of Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday. Most of us that are shopping today will be heading towards the heavy hitters – your Best Buys, Targets, malls – just remember to frequent your local establishments and give back to your favorite charities as well.



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