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Day 7: Holiday Donations
That’s right. I’m revisiting the giving aspect of the holiday season. I figure if I”m going to do a few gift guides, I can also toss these ideas out, too. For the most part, people are more in the giving spirit at this time of year. So why not more than one post?

If you want to give, but you aren’t sure where to turn, you’re welcome to look into the options below.

  1. Toys for Tots – The Toys for Tots Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that you’ll see and hear a lot about this season. Each year, they collect new toys to donate to children. There may be a box at your employer’s location and there are a few retailers that have boxes as well, including Toys R Us.  You can also locate a drop off in your area.
  2. Shelters – You can search local shelters in your area to donate to or consider adopting a family at a transitional housing location. It could be gifts or winter accessories (scarves, hats, gloves). If you’re crafty, you could make those items and donate them. It wouldn’t cost you much more than some time.
  3. Everyday citizens – There are a high number of residents in Baltimore that are currently experiencing homelessness. One of my previous jobs was located right in the heart of downtown and I encountered several of these individuals every day. I know that a lot of people are wary about giving to these people, afraid of being scammed or what might happen with the money. My opinion is that your intention of giving is what matters, what someone does with that… it’s out of your control. With that said, that isn’t going to change many minds. I know that. So, another option – gift cards! In the past, I’ve bought several small denomination gift cards to Subway and given those out. I’m not endorsing Subway; I chose it because there were 2 locations within a 5 minute walking distance from where I was handing them out.

The logo belongs to Toys for Tots. Which is why I didn’t alter it.


25 Days of Christmas: Giving Tuesday

This year, I am challenging myself to 25 days of posts this month, beginning today and ending on Christmas. Guess what I’m calling it? The 25 Days of Christmas! (Shocker, I’m sure. Although, I’m secretly calling it Christmas: As I Cee It.) I’m doing this partly to get me back into blogging, and partly to serve as a distraction (which I may or may not go into detail about at the end). I admit, I’m quite nervous since I can never stick to blogging. With that said, I am planning ahead and hoping for the best.

I’m very excited to start this month off with a post about giving back. This season is often about getting, winning, and buying, but it’s good to remember that giving is pretty amazing. I’ve found that the older I get, the more giving of my resources – both time and financial – mean more than getting gifts. (Though, let’s be clear, I do still enjoy presents!) Those who know me, know that I am a big fan of the Ronald McDonald House. I did not have a personal connection to this particular charity, but I found it when I was searching for somewhere to volunteer – and I’m incredibly grateful that I did. Volunteering, fundraising and attending events at the House have been some of the most fantastic and emotional times of the last couple years. I fell in love with the families and the staff, and I’m hoping to get more involved next year. I encourage you to learn more about the Ronald McDonald House and, if you’re interested, see if there’s a house near you. I’m sure they could use your help and support.

Whatever charity you are close to or currently support is sure to be running a campaign today. I hope you take a moment to give back to start off the season.



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