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thursday three: beauty products.

Posted on: April 16, 2015

Confession: I’m hopeless at makeup and the like. I can’t get with it. Don’t want to learn. And I’m terrified that if I ever did start wearing makeup, I would instantly believe that I could not leave home without it. With that said, I do quite enjoy nail polish and I’ll throw on some lip gloss every now and again. So this Thursday, here are the things that I like:

Natural Lip Roll On – Rose by The Body Shop

I happened upon this lip balm by accident. I was in the airport and my lips were all the way cracked. It was annoying and embarrassing. I decided to drop in The Body Shop to see if I could find something semi-cheap that I could throw on my lips to help. I’d been trying another product that wasn’t working. I didn’t really want the Rose scent/flavor, but I believe it was the best out of what was available. I’m incredibly satisfied with this product. It fixed my lips really quickly and they haven’t cracked like that since. (The link I found for the Rose one was for the UK. The above link leads to the Berry roll on.)

ColorBurst Lip Butter – Berry Smoothie by Revlon

I lean towards berry lip colors and I doubt that will stop. I ran out of the Avon Extra Lasting Lip Gloss in Everlasting Petal that I was using. I picked this one up in Rite Aid and fell in love with the color. I also love that it’s not sticky.

Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel – Stiletto Red by Rimmel

Nail polish is great. I’m not very good at applying it, but I can fake it enough that my nails don’t look too horrible, unless you look too closely. Red is my favorite color of nail polish. At any given time, I’ll have 3-5 different shades of red. For a while, Sally Hensen’s Red Carpet was my favorite red. Then I met this one. Rimmel has pretty amazing reds. Stiletto Red is no exception. The brush on the Lasting Finish Pro is also shaped different, and makes application a bit easier.  (The link is for eBay as I couldn’t find one for this color. I think it may be discontinued.)


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