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i still loves me some tv.

Posted on: February 1, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve done a television post, so let’s do that.

My television schedule isn’t as crazy as it used to be back when I was un-/newly employed. Also, some of the shows I liked have since ended, and there haven’t been enough new shows to take their places. But let us start with arguably the best show on television right now, the show I waited an entire year for, the latest from the creative genius that is Ms. Shonda Rimes. (The rest of the shows will be detailed according to air date/time.)

Scandal (ABC, Thursdays, 10p) – Best. Show. Ever. If you don’t watch this show, I sincerely believe you have awful taste in television. Point. Blank. Period. Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope is made of awesome and I want to be like her when I grow up. Well, you know, without the adulterous, star-crossed love affair she’s going going on with the POTUS. And, OH, the POTUS. He’s got game. As in, I can see how she ended up in the situation she’s in with him. The man has a way with words… and actions. Aside from that, the writing is great, the stories blow my mind, and the suspense rocks my world. What more can you ask for?

Revenge (ABC, Sundays, 9p) – Oh. My Word. Listen. When this show first premiered, I thought the premise seemed a bit short-sighed, but I have a friend whose taste in television I trust absolutely and she told me she liked it. I watched the series premiere on Netflix in September, then watched the next ep to see what happened, then the next one… You get the idea. By mid-October, I’d completed the entire first season and was well on my way to catching up via OnDemand. Don’t watch it for the acting (it could be better), watch it for the intrigue!

New Girl (FOX, Tuesdays, 9p) – This show has a particular sense of humor that is not universal, but works just fine for me. I think it’s hilarious. And up until they put Nick and Jess together (blech!), I’m happy. (I quite like Dr. Sam, and have just barely forgiven them for how they tossed Justin Long aside.) I just watched this week’s episode and they made them kiss. Yuck!

The Mindy Project (FOX, Tuesdays, 9:30p) – I debated added this show. It’s not important to me at all and I only watch it (DVR/OnDemand) as a time filler. It took me three tries to actually finish one complete episode. I will say that the sho has improved and the cast and writers seem to be getting into some kind of groove. It’s still not a great show, though, and eh, don’t take this as an endorsement.

Modern Family (ABC, Wednesdays, 9p) – I like to laugh. The end.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Thursdays, 8p) – Without a doubt, the funniest show on television. I actually don’t know how Modern Family keeps winning the awards when TBBT is so far above it. After a few minor missteps, they’ve gotten to the point where the cast is complete and utter perfection and the situations continue to be hilarious and original.

Suits (USA, Thursdays, 10p) – Mike Ross is the cutest thing in a corporate law office. This is another show I didn’t watch at first. I wanted to, but forgot and just didn’t have the time. About a month before S2 began, I watched S1 OnDemand and online and fell in love. The writing on this show is superb. And Mike Ross is just the cutest thing.

White Collar (USA) – I quit this show last week after watching the season premiere. It’s gotten redundant and it bores me. As good looking as Matthew Bomer is, I Can’t do it anymore.
Glee (FOX) – After season three, I couldn’t be bothered any longer. They do too many recent hits instead of a mix and the storylines were just boring and ridiculous.
Eureka (SYFY) – This series ended after five (?) seasons. The series finale was a bit lackluster, but Zane and Jo ended up together. I’m not gonna be picky about it.
Chuck (NBC) – Remember when I loved this show? At the end of S4, Morgan (Chuck’s best friend) ends up with the Intersect (Chuck’s “super power”) and I knew S5, which was announced as the final season, was going to be full of stupidity, so I didn’t watch it. In my mind, I pretend the series ended at S4 and that S5 never existed. (JK did fell me in on how the series concluded and I like my way better.)

Also, Bones (FOX), Harry’s Law (NBC; I stopped watching after the S2 premiere.. then it got canceled), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Castle (ABC), 90210 (CW) and Fairly Legal (USA; I stopped watching about 2 eps into S2… then it got canceled). Necessary Roughness (USA) is on the bubble with me.

Have I convinced you to start watching any of my shows?


2 Responses to "i still loves me some tv."

i definitely enjoy all the comedies you listed. but not so much on the dramas.

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