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25 Days of Christmas: Gift Guide for a Creative Friend

Posted on: December 11, 2015

Day 11 - Creative

With only two weeks left til Christmas, we’re getting down to the wire with gifts. I’m the kind of person who panics if I’m not 90% done with shopping by December 1st. But I know most people aren’t like that, so you’re likely still shopping. Again, these gift guides are for the people in my life and I’m hoping they’re helpful for those in yours as well. Today’s gift guide is based on one of my best friends, JK. Hopefully, she won’t mind that I’m saying this – she’s creative and also likes to relax at home. She loves capturing moments with her dSLR and her phone. These are ideas for the person in your world who resembles her.

  1. The Calm Coloring Book (B&N, $7.18) – Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, despite the fact that I’ve been coloring for years. Though I still have princess coloring books for myself. The adult books are far too intricate for me.
  2. Photo Booth Props (Christmas Props, Michaels, $2.87) – JK is a fan of these and they make for fun photos at a party. Michaels has several to choose from and they’re currently on sale!
  3. Sunrise Whistling Tea Kettle (Amazon, $19.99) – Because tea is amazing. Your slightly homebody friend is probably a fan of tea…or wine…or both. If you go for the kettle, make sure to buy some tea or these adorable Teavana mugs to go along with it. The first thing I wanted to do when I got a new kettle was make tea. Mostly, I wanted to hear it whistle.
  4. TECHO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit (Amazon, $29.99) – For the creative paparazzi in your life.
  5. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer (Amazon, $129.99) – Why did we stop with the Polaroids?? I miss the instant gratification of seeing your photo in your hands. Luckily, everything old is new again and now we’ve got mobile printers so your friend can distribute those paparazzi shots they took with their new lens and photo booth props.

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