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Day 22: Last Minute Gift Ideas

You are seriously up against a deadline here. I advised you of a few last minute sales last week, but you procrastinated and here you are… December 22, no gift for at least one person on your list. What to do??

Here’s the bad news – you’re kinda screwed. The good news – you’re not all the way screwed. We can still pull a few things together. Bonus: Most of these are DIY projects.

  1. For the Christmas Breakfast/Dinner Hostess (or the female co-worker who got you something but you didn’t get anything for her – yikes!): DIY Gold Dot Champagne Flutes – Quick, easy, and really cute. I might have to make a set of these myself. If I do, I’ll be sure to share how that goes.
  2. For Your Teenage Daughter (or your sorority sister who loves things with her initials on them): Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter – I actually made these for my goddaughters last year. I was quite pleased with the results. While the project wasn’t difficult, it definitely required patience. Tip: Buy the yarn that already has an ombre effect. that way you don’t have to buy more than one skein and it makes it a little easier on you by removing any sort of transition.
  3. For Your Brother-in-Law (or cousin who also enjoys a good cocktail now and then): Jack Daniels Gift Set, $45.97 – You can either rush this order from Amazon or visit your local liquor store to see what they have. There are a few near me that have great options. Be prepared to drop some money on this gift though.
  4. For the Sports Fan (or the man in your life who has a sweet tooth): DIY Gumball Machine – To make this more sports themed, Mod Podge a team logo where the fake knob is. One of my friends created a Carolina Panther-themed one last year and it was fantastic.
  5. For Your Wife (who doesn’t need to know you forgot to pick up something besides the gift she explicitly told you to purchase): DIY Mini Spa Jar – Add a few of her favorite nail polish colors, nail file, cotton balls. As a bonus, throw in a gift certificate for her and best friend to have a day at the spa.

So, there are now 10 days left til Christmas and you’re running a bit behind (and so am I; this challenge is as difficult as I thought it would be!). Maybe you haven’t put up your decorations or you’ve realized that you don’t have gifts for quite a few people on your list. Luckily, there are places that are still having sales and also offering free or guaranteed shipping in time for Christmas.

  1. Paper Source – I like this place. You may be wondering how a paper store could help you. They currently have holiday ornaments and decorations on sale.
  2. NFL Shop – NFL Shop is providing free shipping on all orders until tomorrow. If you have a football fan on your list, this might be the place for you. Any team-branded item you could possibly think of is here.
  3. Target – I’ve added Target for one reason: They have free shipping! Ok, well, two reasons. They also have Star Wars items on sale. With latest installment in the franchise premiering this week, I’d say these gifts will be a hit with any Star Wars friends or family that you need a gift for.

I would also like to point out that gift subscriptions are quick and easy. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime… they are gifts that keep on giving and may work out in a pinch.

Good luck!

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Day 12: Gift Guide - Hip

This is not the best description for her, but I’m going with it. This gift guide is inspired by my other BFF. She’s far more hip than I and more fashionable for sure. A few things are actually on her wishlist and a couple are things that I think she’d like. As you can see, there are gender neutral items that might for the hip guy in your life.

  1. Embellished Gold Bracelet (J. Crew Factory, $17.99, reg. $36.50) – Because she probably likes jewelry. I love this necklace and I love that it’s on sale, too.
  2. Sony USB Stereo Turntable (Amazon, $128.00) – Albums seem to be making quite the comeback. While I don’t have one, I can certainly see why anyone would want one. This turntable will also convert your vinyl tracks to digital format.
  3. Michael Kors Petite Darci Crystal Bezel Bracelet Watch (Nordstrom, $181.35, reg. $195.00) – Every lady needs a gorgeous watch. I’ve seen several MK watches that are absolutely beautiful. You can check the MK site for more options or any major department stores if you’re looking for sales and discounts
  4. FitBit Charge (Amazon, $90.30, reg. $129.95) – I happened to purchase one of these for someone else in my life. I was stunned to see the price difference depending on the size and color. Right now, these are on backorder on Amazon, as was mine. However, I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived this morning. If you’re looking for a different retailer, Best Buy doesn’t have them on sale, but will price match what you find on Amazon.
  5. Purple Rain – Prince (Amazon, $20.99) – I love a good package/combo/companion gift. This would go well with the Sony Turntable. As I mentioned, vinyls are all the rage these days and most Barnes & Noble locations have a pretty good selection. I’ve seen Michael Jackson, Adele, soundtracks (Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Clueless), Sinatra, Lana Del Rey, The Beatles, Kendrick Lamar… The options are quite varied.
  6. Friedline Crossbody Bag in Cognac (Aldo, $45.00) – It’s a handbag essential – the crossbody. Great for festivals or traveling.

Affiliates Disclaimer: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of



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