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conversations with: nephew #3.

Posted on: May 1, 2013

On a recent trip to Magic Kingdom, I quizzed my third nephew on his reading skills. As we walked around the never-ending park, I would point at signs and maps asking him what they said. His reading has gotten better, so he correctly read just about everything. While we were waiting to take pictures with Mickey Mouse, he pointed out a sticker on his own and read it aloud.

Nephew #3: [points at sticker] Tokyo.
Me: Good job! Do you know what Tokyo is?
Nephew#3: [nods] He was a puppet, but he wanted to be real and when he told lies, his nose grew.
Me: [puzzled for 0.58 seconds] Oh. No, no, no, buddy. That’s Pinocchio. Tokyo is a city in Japan.
Nephew #3: [shrug] Ok.


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The homie @dahmeeoh let me come hangout with her in #NYC for my birthday. Fueled up on sandwiches and mimosas, then strolled out to @mrpurplenyc. Spent the afternoon with a tour and #whiskey tasting at #SagamoreSpirit. Over 20 years later and this album is still EVERYTHING. Such a nice groove for my morning. If you know this album, you're aware I already sang for my life to Unbreak My Heart. Classic @tonibraxton. And on Sunday we brunched. @madhatterdc #BestBrunchEver #Summer17
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