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we are the champions.

Posted on: February 4, 2013

Obviously, I couldn’t write this last night, as my bedtime is 10:30 pm and I didn’t get home until after 11:00, which means I printed my hair, changed my clothes, and crashed.

The Ravens won the Super Bowl! Lombardi trophy! Parade time!

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you got all my pictures, my celebrations, and my rage last night during and after the game. I felt so many things it’s a wonder I wasn’t completely drained this morning. But, alas, I got up and donned my purple-ish blazer for Winners’ Monday.  (Above picture on the right is admittedly not the best photo I’ve ever taken.)

Most people are probably psyched about the glory of winning a Super Bowl. And usually I am. I might have been more excited about the win if they’d played better in the post-outrage, but… it felt a bit ugly. However, a win is a win, ugly pretty, glorious, or messy. And this is the biggest win of them all. So this year, IK’m excited about the parade. If you watched the game you know after the power outage (I blame Beyonce) the Ravens started to crumble… or the 49ers just got themselves together. Whichever. I Started to get a bit angry. At one point, I shouted, “Get it together! I want a parade!!!” I think they heard me, bedcause the Ravens parade is tomorrow and guess ho’s going ghost from her job to attend? That’s right. This girl.

Say what you want about my city., but we are united in purple and I can’t wait to welcome the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens back home tomorrow.

Best Super Bowl Commercials: Taco Bell; Leon Sandcastle
Worst Super Bowl Commercials: Farmer; GoDaddy.

What did you think of the game? Which commercials did you love/hate?


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Hardly in the Ville, but always reppin. #vacation #beach #gatornation #gogators #Summer18
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