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Merry Christmas!

Posted on: December 25, 2015

Day 25: Merry Christmas!

It’s here! We’ve reached Day 25, the final day of the challenge. Thank you for taking this ride with me, for reading the posts and for liking them. It always helps to know someone besides Toni is reading. I intended to write this earlier, but that brunch I told you about? We didn’t get home until about 5 this evening. I couldn’t do it this morning because I was playing with my presents, just like a kid.

I sincerely hope that you are having a great holiday filled with family, friends, fun, and most importantly, love.

Merry Christmas from my heart to yours!


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Yay! Enjoyed the series!

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And finished the weekend wth more martinis. Because. #Summer17 One of the @daretheory challenges from yesterday. "Dare: Spin in the rain (make rain if needed)." We got creative. Rainmaker: @tyranicole87 Director: @eebs101 #daretheory #Summer17 BFF Date Night with @eebs101. Also that's my Grey Goose martini, not water (which Eebs said it looks like). More #Summer17 shenanigans planned for today. #alleyezonme #cocktails Forget what the calendar says. Braids are in, #Summer17 has officially started. Playtime hath arrived, my friends! 😎 #boxbraids
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